Tony Stallard Sculpture

Image: Tony Stallard

Artist Tony Stallard

Title: Sentinel
Material: Solar Lights, Acrylic, Rice Paper and Yorkstone
Dimensions: 3 Metres x 1.5 Metres Square
Date: 2006

The interior of ‘Sentinel’ houses a map of the Ursa Minor constellation which is notable as the location of the polar star. The light aperture above causes the light to pass over the map for an hour or so in good sunlight.

It was felt because of the nature of its location at a cross-path and being so near to the moorings on the nearby creek and the estuary beyond, that this would be a ‘look out’ or ‘locator’ of sorts, but more importantly to suggest the relationship of what is above to what is below, and how we navigate space both on land and sea as a poetic relationship.

Tony Stallard works in the UK and internationally with site-specific light sculptures. These involve live events, new technologies, and designed systems responding to the ‘alchemical’ properties that Tony locates within any given project.