TAB Sculpture

Image: Robert Bloomfield

Artist Studio TAB

Title: Soothsayer
Material: Stainless Steel, Galvanised Aluminium and Enamel
Height: 3.7 x 2.7 metres

Date: 2006

Studio TAB left a box at Basildon library for a month asking for children to submit their Secrets on the provided slips of paper. Studio TAB also conducted a series of workshops at Cherry Tree School in Basildon, explaining the principles of Mirror Writing. Over 60 appropriate Secrets were gathered from school and library and engraved into the stainless steel panels.

The finished piece consists of a huge cylinder with a chamber that runs through it's lower section. The panels display the Secrets and the 'talking chamber’ invites confidences - without the fear of getting heard. The sculpture is housed within a cage-like structure, highlighting the notion that this is a guarded work - guarding secrets and guarding those who confide in it. However, young people may decide to bring a pocket mirror so as to decode the engraved secrets of their peers...

Studio T.A.B is a multi-disciplined studio based in London.