Simon Mackness - Childhood Escapes

Image: DOT

Simon Mackness Sculpture

Image Robert Bloomfield

Artist Simon Mackness

Title: Childhood Escapes
Material: Steel and Aircraft Paint
Height: 1 Metre
Date: 2006

Simon Mackness conceived of Childhood Escapes as a graphic response to an environment.

Based on geographical diagrams and cutaways of the earth's structure, the piece contrasts the natural environment of the park with the sharp graphic outlines of the sculpture.

The sculptures are sited at three different locations within Wat Tyler Country Park. The positioning of the clusters create places to sit, rest and view the landscape. The bright colours and shapes of the pieces naturally invite children to explore and climb.

Simon Mackness works out of a studio in London. He describes himself as a conceptual pop artist, usually working in the medium of large prints and readymades. Tackling sensitive and taboo subjects in a witty, sharp and engaging way is where Simon feels most at home.