Troika - sonic Marshmallows

Image: DOT

Troika Sculpture

Image: Robert Bloomfield

Artist Troika

Title: Sonic Marshmallows
Material Aluminium
Dimensions: 2.5m Diameter
Date: 2006

For Wat Tyler Country Park, we wanted to create something playful and physically engaging rather than something purely ornamental. Something that would be playful for the children, grasp their imagination, and that would be educative and intriguing. One of our sources of inspiration were the concrete sound-mirrors which can be found all around the English coast and which functioned like early radar to spy on incoming enemy planes. Their scale is majestic but their function remains unclear until it is experienced.

The Sonic Marshmallows create a stunning acoustic experience. They work like reflectors to create a precise beam of sound allowing a person standing in front of one of them to hear another person’s whispers sixty metres away across the pond that stands between them. The cylinders are also concave on the reverse side, allowing users to spy on people in the nearby carpark, animals in the woodland and to general keep the immediate environment under close surveillance.

Founded in 2003 by Conny Freyer, Eva Rucki and Sebastien Noel, this multidisciplinary art and design studio focuses on the creative use of technology to develop projects both engaging and demanding to the user, where design and information never stray far from each other. Working on both self-initiated and commissioned projects, their development processes are born out of a mutual love for simplicity, playfulness and an essential desire for provocation.