Natasha Carsberg - Sound Pods

Image: DOT

Natasha Carsberg Sculpture

Image: Robert Bloomfield

Artist Natasha Carsberg

Title: Sound Pods
Material: Steel
Dimensions: Three steel pods 2x2x2 metres
Date: 2006

Visitors are encouraged to touch the Sound Pods to experience the contrasting forms and textures. The sound element of the sculptures was explored and developed by pupils from Vange Primary School & Chalvedon School in Basildon. A spectrum of different sounds can be made by tapping the surfaces of the sculptures and by blowing through the pipes

Natasha Carsberg is committed to exploring the natural environment through her sculpture. She works with local communities to produce artworks in the landscape which combine elements of both sculpture and garden design. She is particularly interested in producing sensory sculptures using smell, texture, colour and sound.