Luke warburton Cockroach

Image: DOT

Luke warburton Sculpture

Image: Robert Bloomfield

Luke ‘Dane’ Warburton

Title: Cockroach
Material: Raw Steel and Spray Paint
Height: 4 x 2.5 Metres
Date: 2006

In simple terms Cockroach represents small creatures on a large scale. From the outside the sculpture references bugs, beetles and cockroaches but from the inside it creates a place in which the public can find shelter and protection under its shell. This interior space was painted by local young people to give an organic and personal dimension to the inside of the shell.

There are around 4000-7500 different species of cockroach but only a very small fraction of these are considered pests. Though our own species has been here for only 100-200 thousand years, species of cockroaches have lived on the earth for around 400 million years and are expected to outlive out the human population. Past civilisations such as the Ancient Egyptians believed the scarab, or dung beetle, represented regeneration, renewal and resurrection. For Luke Warburton, the cockroach represents the strength of small creatures and the survival of their species. It also relates to relates to our own society and its sub-cultures.

Cockroach is a man-made object, designed and made from man-made materials. It is futuristic and dynamic yet still a representation of a natural creature, situated in a natural environment. Wat Tyler Country Park as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.