Clive wakeford Sculpture

Image: Robert Bloomfield

Artist Clive Wakeford

Title: Why?
Material: 68 stained wooden figures
Height: 1.2 Metres (x68)
Date: 2006

WHY? comprises 34 male and 34 female wooden figures stained in bright colours. They are installed within an amphitheatre created by the blast walls which are all that remain of the explosives factory that once stood here. The graphic simplicity of the figures, remind one of performers, or perhaps a recently unearthed archeological discovery.

The simplicity of the piece was inspired through engaging with schoolchildren from Vange County Primary School with whom Clive worked during the commission. The schoolchildren's pure enthusiasm inspired the bright primary colours and their thirst for knowledge was the inspiration for the question mark that forms the centre of the group. The figures’ height also refers to the children’s contribution and creates a further interpretation of the piece as a playground game. Finally, the artist challenges the viewer to consider the purpose and value of WHY? and of public artworks as a whole.

Clive Wakeford is based in Colchester. His artistic practice includes environmental artworks and public installations and he is also a painter.