Bob Clayden Sculpture

Image: Bob Clayden

Artist Bob Clayden

Title: Sun and Water
Material: Printed Silk and Wooden Poles
Height: 4 Metres
Date: 2006

Produced on silk by the traditional cyanotype process, each blue and white flag is 1.2 meter square and flies from poles 4 meters above the reeds. The five pieces are themed around Wat Tyler Country Park: wildlife above and below the water; a cat referring to the stories of a black panther said to be living among the marshes along this part of the Thames; and finally the peace symbol as a reminder that this site was once an explosives factory before becoming a country park. The fifth flag was made as the United Nations Children’s Flag with the handprints of all the artists who made the works. A sixth flag was made and presented to Felmore School.

‘Sun and Water’ was coneceived as a temporary installation. The cyanotypes were printed onto silk which was designed to degrade over time as the wind unravels the fibres and scatters the fragments about the park. They were created by Bob Clayden and the children in the after school art club at Felmore Primary School helped by Yuko Moriyama, during the Autumn Term of 2006.

Bob Clayden is a community artist and documentary photographer working with traditional and contemporary photographic techniques.